Charity events


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Bamboo Art School

Artist Khin Zaw Latt and his wife; Artist Ohmmar built the foundation of Bamboo Art School at Kyaik Ka Maw Village in Kyauk Tan Land that is far 30 km from the downtown area of Yangon at the beginning of 2012. This school area is wide 4.25 Acres and there has an Open Art Garden with small natural beautiful hills and it is scattered in the school area. He decided to build the Bamboo Art School because he found the poor villagers with lovingly honesty and characters in their own organization and the younger students from that poor school need educational helps and they are not easy to be learned the Art Subjects. His main objectives for the children are to be familiar with Art Works, to be loved the nature and to be developed the creative abilities and activities. He also teaches the English basically and Art to the children and donates the material requirements for the school. Normally, this altruism school opens every weekend. Artist Khin Zaw Latt always goes to this school every Sunday and there are also another two volunteer teachers over there. He spend easy amount that he can effort from the KZL ART GALLERY’s earn as a fund for his school.


Art Movement About The Bamboo School

The students from the Bamboo School did the showing their art abilities and selling their painting at Kids Art Corner that held in Myanmar Event Park as an Art Exhibition.


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